See Disney Princesses Transformed Into Velociraptors (Because Why Not?)


Learn about Leana Wen, Baltimore’s extraordinary, 32-year-old new health commissioner. She’s been passionate her whole life about how health interacts with social equity – how smoking, obesity, and asthma affect community violence – and she’s using her new position to advocate for health policies in Baltimore that will address some of the core medical problems at the root of poverty. [The Atlantic]


With the Supreme Court set to rule on gay marriage at the federal level this month, CNN asked people from around the world how gay rights are progressing in their own countries. Many countries are seeing attitude shifts and more governmental support for gay rights, but most of the world still opposes gay rights and sees a great deal of violence committed against the GLBTQ community. [CNN]


Here’s something that will probably put a smile on your face, if you happen to love dinosaurs and princesses: Artist Laura Cooper reimagined all of the Disney princesses as velociraptors in celebration of “Jurassic World.” Cooper says, “A princess is many things, and a raptor is one of them.” [Geeks Are Sexy]


An 87-year-old Hungarian woman is trying to beat the world record for simultaneous chess. She has, so far, played about 13,000 documented games of simultaneous chess, and is preparing to surpass the record of 13,545 games set by chess grandmaster Jose Raul Capablanca over the course of one weekend. GO, AUNTIE BICI! [RawStory]

[Image via XP Webcomic]