No Jokes: Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore Get Serious About Charleston Mass Murder

Last night, both Comedy Central news shows took a somber turn as Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore discussed the horrific mass murder at an historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart announced that he hadn’t written any jokes for his monologue, because he was just too horrified by the events in Charleston. Instead, he simply spoke about his disappointment in the way we treat terrorist attacks like these versus terrorist attacks by foreigners, as well as the fact that as much thought and reflection we may give this, we’re still going to do jack shit about it.

Stewart lamented the fact that we’re so willing to write this off as just one random lunatic, rather than look at the culture that created him.

“The Confederate flag flies over South Carolina, and the roads are named for Confederate generals — and the white guy’s the one who feels like his country is being taken away from him.”

On The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore discussed Fox News and Rick Santorum’s reluctance to believe that Dylann Storm Roof was a racist, and insistence upon this being a terror attack against Christians for being Christian.

Importantly, Wilmore pointed out that in 1963, when four young girls were killed by a bomb in a Birmingham church, that no one was trying to pretend they didn’t know the reason for that attack.

I hate to say it, but I think I have an answer for why this is. The way Fox and Santorum see this? If those victims were being attacked for being Christian, then they can identify with them and be the good guys. If the victims were attacked for being black, then they have to admit that racism isn’t just something black people are making up to inconvenience and annoy them–and they really, really do not want to have to do that.

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