Lindsey Graham Declares Undying Love For The Confederate Flag

Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Senator who is currently running for President of the United States, attempted to explain in a CNN interview today, what he thinks is so gosh darn great about the Confederate Flag.

Via CNN:

“We’re not going to give this a guy an excuse about a book he might have read or a movie he watched or a song he listened to or a symbol out anywhere. It’s him … not the flag,” the Republican senator told CNN’s “New Day” Alisyn Camerota,

When Graham was asked his thoughts regarding the Confederate flag, he said, “It works here, that’s what the statehouse agreed to do. You could probably visit other places in the country near some symbol that doesn’t quite strike you right.”

Graham also stated in the interview that he believes the Confederate Flag is an integral “part of who we are”–we, being South Carolina.

OK, that’s cool Lindsey Graham. How about I start talking about how Mussolini is super great and pretending I don’t understand why anyone thinks he might have been a bad guy? How about we in the North celebrate all that carpetbagging you all are still somehow more upset about than the fact that people owned slaves? I mean, we could just say it’s just¬†part of our heritage as Northerners, and thus we should be proud of it, right? Maybe we should do that. Celebrate our entrepreneurial spirit! We’ll get a big ol’ flag festooned with a carpetbag, and look perplexed when Southerners don’t take kindly to it.

Also, not so shockingly, Graham was one of those Conservatives trying so hard to pretend like this was an attack on “Christians” yesterday when he went on The View. He’s nuts. They’re all nuts.