Iowa Supreme Court Rules Abortion Telemedicine Ban Unconstitutional


The Iowa Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional for the state to ban the use of telemedicine only in cases when doctors are performing examinations for an abortion patient. The justices pointed out that if telemedicine was allowable in every other circumstance but not in the case of abortion, it was difficult not to see it as a bias or discrimination; further, they found that there’s no health benefit gained from an in-person exam versus a telemedicine exam from abortion providers. [Feministing]



Did you know that Adult Friend Finder had a massive data breach this past February? About 4 million users had their names, ages, emails, and information about their sexual proclivities dumped onto a deep web forum called “Hell,” where hackers go to commit crimes and make money. The Adult Friend Finder dump was posted with a $100,000 ransom request, and the hookup site didn’t admit the breach until May. [Motherboard]



A guy named Brian Sloan designed a male sex toy called the Autoblow, and is holding a “vaginal beauty contest” (note: actually “vulval beauty contest”) to determine what kind of vagina the average guy likes best. The Autoblow works kind of like an automated Fleshlight, but it currently has a weird-looking silicon mouth on its entry, so he’d like to replace it with a weird-looking silicon vulva. To do so, he’s having women compete to find out which vulva is prettiest. I don’t know if there are no words for this, or just too many words to bother trying. [Death and Taxes]



According to two recent anthropological studies, neanderthals and early humans had to become more “feminine” – meaning evolve to have less testosterone – in order to adapt and succeed. The decrease in testosterone made early humans more evenly sized and, it’s hypothesized, more pro-social and more able to live in large groups. [RawStory]
[Image via Wikimedia Commons]