Darlene Love Is Recording a New Album–With Joan Jett And Elvis Costello

This is very exciting news! Darlene Love–who is just about my all time favorite, ever–is in the studio recording a new album! Her first since the ’90s! Oh, and not only that, but Elvis Costello and Joan Jett are involved. This may as well be called “A Beautiful Gift To Robyn Filled With Everything She Loves In The World.”

Other fancy people are involved too–like Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Van Zandt, Jim Webb, Linda Perry, Desmond Child. It should be a jam.

While some of you may only really know Darlene Love from her Letterman appearances, you may not realize that you’ve been hearing her all your life otherwise. You see, Phil Spector was a huge asshole, and would just slap the names of other girl groups on songs that Darlene Love sang, without notifying her or them. Like, the Crystals didn’t sing “He’s a Rebel” or “He’s Sure The Boy I Love“–Darlene Love did. When he finally did let her sing a song under her own name, “Today I Met The Boy I’m Gonna Marry,” he convinced her to sell him the rights for $3000–which turned out to be a real bad deal for her.

Oddly, one of the first fact-type things I remember knowing in my life is that Phil Spector totally screwed Darlene Love. Like, that, “never cross a picket line,” Mike Love being the worst human ever other than maybe Reagan and Flo being the best Supreme were the important life lessons my mother taught me as a child.

It actually wasn’t until YouTube that I got to hear a lot of Love’s oeuvre, as so much of it wasn’t ever recorded on actual albums. However, her group The Blossoms had a standing gig on the television show “Shindig!” and, as it turns out–Darlene Love sings pretty much every girl group song better than any other singer of that era. I’m sorry, it’s true. I’ll say it–she’s better than Diana Ross by miles, in my personal opinion.

It has always killed me that Darlene Love didn’t have the career she should have had, all because of lousy Phil Spector. So I am really, really excited about this! More Darlene Love is always a good thing.

[Pitchfork Media]