Body-Shaming Games Strike Again With The Collarbone Challenge

Remember just a week ago when users on Chinese social media site Weibo launched the belly button challenge? Well, they’ve come up with another Bizarro World way to prove that you’re skinny enough for something something something, and it’s called the collarbone challenge (I will not grant either of these things the dignity of caps).

Your mission: To stack coins in the hollows of your collarbones, thereby proving that you have deep collarbone hollows and are, ergo, adequately thin (for what, I don’t know). It’s interesting that these Chinese youths have sort of gamified the process of telling each other to be skinnier, coming up with ridiculous “challenges” instead of just telling each other “YOU SHOULD HAVE A THIGH GAP” or something. It’s not just that you should be thin, you see, it’s that you should have to prove how thin you are with a series of increasingly ridiculous contortions and props! I’m at the point where I’m kind of curious to find out what they’ve got cooking in body-shaming games for next week.

This has spread past China, of course, because as a game it’s really effective – it takes maybe two minutes to complete, and it’s leveraged multinational social media networks to go viral. And, you know, maybe this is a good thing. Maybe if we keep coming up with ridiculous-in-the-literal-sense body-shaming challenges, and we just issue them once every few days, we’ll eventually come to equate “body-shaming” with “ridiculous” in our larger cultural conversations. So have at it, Weibo! We’ll be right here, ready to turn our heads sideways, frown, and go, “Zuh??”


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