Beauty Test Drive: Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Scrub Is Heaven In A Jar

I had never heard of Simple Sugars scrubs until a few weeks ago (how is that possible?), but most of the world knows the product through the entrepreneur-focused reality show “Shark Tank.” Creator and company founder Lani Lazzari was just eighteen-years-old when she appeared on the show in 2013 to seek out investors, and her business began when she was only eleven!

But I didn’t know any of this when I first tried out the scrub for myself. I didn’t know about Lazzari’s struggles with eczema that inspired her to first create the scrub, or the fact that it’s said to have a groundbreaking impact on problem skin, or even who she was. All I knew was that the product claims to be great for sensitive skin, and that I wouldn’t hate for my own sensitive skin to be a bit softer.

I put on lotion ritualistically every day, and while that’s great and all, its smoothing effect only goes so far. I was looking for something better. I didn’t have particularly high hopes for this stuff because my frame of reference for skin scrubs was mostly the “exfoliants” you can buy at Bath & Body Works, which make your skin freakishly soft for roughly half an hour and then melt away and leave you smelling abrasively of fig or whatever for the next several days. Read: fun to play with, maybe even worth buying, but not a life-changing (erm, daily-beauty-routine-changing) product or anything made of particularly high-quality ingredients. Luckily, this scrub was very different and definitely did the job!

Price: $15-22, Beauty Brands

Application: Simple Sugars come in all kinds of variations — raspberry, coconut, rose —  but the tub I tried was a sweet-smelling vanilla grapefruit. It’s as easy to use as any other scrub — stir before applying, plop onto your arm/leg/hands/body part of your choice, add some water, and exfoliate to your heart’s content with a loofah or washcloth. The scrub will begin to melt, after which you’ll rinse it off to find yourself with brand-new buttery skin. The stuff was very goopy, and got a bit messy when I first opened the jar, but it was well worth it, and the pieces I spilled didn’t create a massive residue cluster nightmare on my bathroom counter like so many past beauty mistakes have (pro tip: if you’re a klutz like me never allow spray-on hair dye or curl-enhancing goop anywhere near white surfaces…). It just wiped right off!

Results: I first tried this on my arms and they felt amazing afterward, but I want to be sure I wasn’t just imagining it, so I applied it to one leg while leaving the other scrub-free — ya know, for scientific research. Of course I noticed a big difference in softness just after applying it, but what was impressive is that this held true throughout the next day. I could tell right away which leg I’d applied the scrub to and which I skipped. While one leg felt like heaven, the Simple Sugars-free leg was just…meh. The best part was that my skin wasn’t oily or greasy from the treatment — just smooth. Now that I know what I’ve been missing, I can’t go back. To think, my skin could’ve been this happy for years! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a product like this actually keep its promises, let alone do it so well. What I especially like about it is its all-natural formula, free of most of the chemicals that show up in other skin products. It’s a simple, dye- and scent-free mix of cane sugar, botanicals and essential oils.

Rating: 5/5