A Woman Will Be On The Ten-Dollar Bill


Hillary Clinton is pushing for businesses to develop paid apprenticeship rather than unpaid internship programs in order to create skilled jobs for young people who will then be able to move smoothly into the workforce. The internship industry has been widely criticized for exploiting young, unemployed workers for free labor. Unemployment for young adults remains high at 10.1 percent, while underemployment has risen from 4.7 percent in 2007 to 9.6 percent today. [RawStory]



On the ongoing topic of women in sports, it turns out that not only soccer but cricket, too, has a problem with how women athletes are treated and regarded in their field. Geoff Lemon goes through a detailed explanation of the patronizing assumptions the sport makes about their female players, like that fields have to be taken down to half-size to accommodate them, that test matches are played over four days to mens’ five, that test matches are one-offs and not series. As the author points out, “Repainting an entire dartboard as a bullseye will not improve your aim.” [The Guardian]



A woman who engaged in BDSM and kink had her children taken out of her custody by social services on a fallacious and vengeful complaint waged by an ex-boyfriend. Pearl-clutching over BDSM led to the assumption that it is necessarily tied to abuse (it is not), and on further investigation, the woman’s children were returned to her home – but some other kinky and poly parents haven’t been as lucky. [The Daily Beast]



We’re getting a woman on the ten-dollar bill! WE’RE GETTING A WOMAN ON THE TEN-DOLLAR BILL, GUYS! Current ten-dollar squatter Alexander Hamilton won’t be kicked completely off the currency, one option being to have some currency printed with Hamilton’s face and some with the yet-to-be-decided notable woman in American history. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew will be revealing the identity of our new lady wallet friend later this year. [Jezebel]
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