UN: Ban Peacekeeping Troops Who Commit Child Abuse


A court in California has ruled that Uber drivers are employees, not contractors, as the rideshare app has long maintained. Because they’re considered contractors, Uber drivers don’t have the protections or guarantees employees would, and have been fighting to be recognized as employees for a good long time now. The ruling was issued in March, but has only recently come to light because, of course, Uber is appealing the ruling. [New York Times]



A UN review of peacekeeping operations says that countries should be banned from sending peacekeeping troops abroad if those troops commit sexual abuses against children. This comes after an investigation of child sex abuse by 16 French peacekeeping soldiers in the Central African Republic. [BBC]



Even though we sexualize and objectify women’s and men’s professional soccer players both, the women’s coordinator of the Confederation of Brazilian Football claims that women’s soccer (and not men’s) is only successful because the players have been sexualized, not because they’re the best players in their sport. All types of confusing, that argument. [YouBeauty]



Check out this roundup from Flame Con, New York’s first queer-normative comic convention. It featured GLBTQ vendors and artists, a they-pronouned mascot, resources for GLBTQ sci-fi/fantasy/comics fans, and panels with titles like “The Internet is Ghey.” Um, I think I know when I’ll be timing next year’s trip to New York. [io9]
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