Ramsay Bolton: Nice Guy

Uh… So… Here’s a video of Ramsay Bolton, featuring mashed-together decontextualized clips from “Game of Thrones” to make him look like a really nice, good-hearted guy who helps people and loves his wife. Oh, and it’s set to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” As in, the Elton John song from the Lion King soundtrack. Shivers all around.

This video makes me super-uncomfortable. For, like, every reason, including the neon-pink text at the end. I mean, I’ve read all five of the Song of Ice and Fire books, I’ve watched all five seasons of “Game of Thrones,” and there’s just no way to actually decontextualize Ramsay Bolton from Ramsay Bolton.

I noticed that the basic formula for making Ramsay Bolton look like a nice guy is to only include the beginning and end of each of his interactions. He’s deceptively polite when he meets people, to lull them into trusting him; and I think his niceness at the end of his encounters is mostly to be very ironic and amuse himself (wait, is Ramsay Bolton a hipster?). The middle is always horrible, though, and no amount of neon-pink font or Elton John can ever undo the memories.

Well, anyway, go on and watch. This video should be the promotional ad for the Uncanny Valley.

[h/t TIME]

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