Mormons Are Using Pinterest As Vision Boards For Prepping For The End Times

Pinterest, home of home decor mood boards, collections of pastel ombre hairstyles and wedding dresspo, is home to another subset of wholesome obsessives intent on categorizing every aspect of their lives, aspirational or otherwise: Mormon doomsday peppers. Mormons, in case you didn’t know, love Pinterest!  They apparently also love being exceedingly prepared for the apocalypse that is surely coming for us sooner rather than later. Here’s an insane “Preparedness Manual” that will guide you on your journey to being ready for the end times. Cool?

The LDS is big on doomsday preparation, probably because Mormons have spent their entire existence on the lam from various institutions telling them that their religion is crazy. It makes a lot of sense that they’d have a root cellar full of endless cans of baked beans and bug-out bags and non-perishable cooking oils. And Pinterest, with its built-in community and easy to use interface, is perfect for the obsessive neurotic, worried about how they will feed and clothe their children in the likely event of the coming apocalypse.

Pinterest boards are soothing to look at, bringing a neat sense of order to what I imagine is a very panicky thing to think about. It probably feels calm to quietly stack rolls of toilet paper on top of each other in the shelf you built in your basement or to make your own frustraters out of dryer lint and melted crayons, but organizing it on a mood board and sending it out in an e-blast to your favorite church friends is way more satisfying.