Kim Kardashian Got A Scolding For Misspelling “Giorgio Armani”

Most brands bow before the throne of Kim K, but I guess when you’re a world-famous label you can take a few more liberties when it comes to putting her in her place. Case in point: over the weekend, Kimmy spelled “Giorgio Armani” incorrectly (ahem, “Georgio”). A few days later, she was corrected, something that probably doesn’t happen to her all too often. Behold, the awkward Twitter exchange:

Kim took it in stride (I’m not usually fond of the “reminding you during controversy that I’m a mom and therefore somehow innocent” move, but her only sin is a silly spelling error so I’ll let it pass). Most of her followers caught the mistake first and called her out long before the company itself sent a reply, though I think we should all accept by this point that no human can do everything. Kim is a woman of many talents, but prose is not one of them, and that’s perfectly fine (I mean, take one look at the text in her book “Selfish”). But hey, if she’s going to use her name to get free stuff, I suppose she should probably advertise that stuff using the right spelling! Some part of me feels a swell of pride for Armani’s social media manager (or more likely, 19-year-old intern) who sat there in front of a laptop drumming up the courage to tell Kim what’s what before sending out that Tweet. GO, GIRL. You are a brave soul, fighting for grammatical justice. [Us Weekly]