Jared Leto Wants To Be Your Camp Counselor

Have I got a deal for you! For only $2,000, you can have a three day “rustic nature experience” with Jordan Catalano (aka Jared Leto) and his band, Frozen Embryos 30 Seconds To Mars. In Malibu! Confused? This video should explain everything.

Or not.

Anyway, if you are a superfan of 30 Seconds To Mars or something, and you like camping and have a shit ton of disposable money–this is the vacation for you, I guess!

I haven’t really ever listened to them on purpose, although I did see them in concert when I was 21 or so, because–true story! They came to town in Rochester, and Jared Leto went to “The Gap” to buy tube socks–and my friend Colleen worked there, and he ended up putting her on the list with a plus one, so she calls me hysterically screaming that we’re going to go hang out with Jordan Catalano that evening. Anyway, we went, and I probably had too much to drink and decided to walk up to him (by the way he is totally shorter than I am) and try to talk to him, probably about globalization or whatever other cause I was on about that month, and he basically ignored me, so I said “Why are you like that? LIKE HOW YOU ARE?” in a loud whisper as I walked away like an asshole.

Anyway! I digress! Back to the camp! Um, there are potato sack races for one thing. And ghost stories. And you can have coffee and a cooking lesson with two of the other band members who are not Jared Leto.

Oh, and while the super fancy package is $2000, you can get cheaper day passes and such for $399 and up. Which still seems like a lot of money to me, but whatever floats your boat. Personally, I would only spend that much if Jordan Catalano was also going to write a song about a volvo that sounds like it’s about me.

[h/t Vulture]