Dream Or Nightmare: “The Princess Diaries 3″ Is Coming

Disney is reportedly gearing up to bring us a third “Princess Diaries” film, but we have little more information to work with than that. Sure, this movie could be the best thing to happen to us in the last decade, but what if original stars Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway won’t be joining us for round three? Without our leading ladies, would we end up with one of those awkward straight-to-video knockoffs that are glaringly lacking their original stars, like “Legally Blondes” or “Bring It On: In It To Win It”? No thanks.

Hathaway was fairly unknown when the first film came out in 2001, and who knows if she’d still be interested today? On that note, how the hell are we going to revisit the adventures of awkward adolescent Mia Thermopolis when said adolescent is now 32? Plenty of great stories could be told through the eyes of an adult Mia who’s finally on top of her game, but wouldn’t that mean trading in our heroine’s most lovable gawky traits? Hathaway has said before, in the years since starring in the movie’s sequel, that she’d been looking to do something different, and fervently denied any involvement with a third movie.

Hollywood Life recalled a 2006 interview when Hathaway insisted, “Because I became so associated with ‘The Princess Diaries,’ my main [criterion] is to look for the opposite of what I last did.” That was almost ten years ago, though, and these days, the types of films she “last did” are of the more serious sort, so maybe it’s time for her to switch back to a fun comedy just this once?

The woman has an Oscar, she doesn’t have as many typecasting nightmares to fear as she did all those years ago. Andrews, on the other hand, has mentioned that she’d be totally game for another movie, so time will tell, I suppose! Another rumor is that Disney hasn’t even approached Hathaway and is considering a full-on reboot film, which, seriously? Is the original movie even old enough for that? Which, like, 13-year-old Disney chick would be tapped to star? Too many questions.

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