Women’s Soccer Is A Feminist Issue


First Lady Michelle Obama travelled to London to promote education for girls worldwide, speaking at a school that’s highly-rated by the British government despite the hurdle of being populated by mostly low-income students. Obama’s campaign for girls’ education coincides with an announcement that the U.S. and the U.K. will be partnering to provide $180 million toward a program that works for girls’ education in developing countries, especially those affected by conflict, like the Republic of Congo. [TIME]



An Iowa man shot and killed a female co-worker after she filed a sexual harassment complaint against him, which is deplorable, right? Oh no, not at all, according to self-identified Men’s Rights Activists. Rather, sexual harassment complaints, like rape accusations, are always lies when they’re filed by women (even when the man has a prior history of sexually harassing behavior, as in this case). Ergo, she deserved to die, and that poor man is just a beta male who vomit vomit vomit vomit. [Salon]



Not weird because cross-dressing is weird (it’s not), but weird because WHY DON’T WE STILL DO THIS: Apparently about a century ago, it was in vogue to hold community fundraisers in the form of weddings populated only by men. As in, they cross-dressed and kissed each other and audience members and grown men played flower girls. Does this not sound like the best time ever?!?! [NPR]



Here is a great argument for why women’s soccer and women’s sports in general are a feminist issue, albeit an issue that feminists tend not to pay attention to. Things I didn’t know: There’s a World Cup this year – the women’s World Cup, and the top women’s soccer players sued FIFA last year for gender discrimination over the conditions in which they’re playing in this World Cup as compared to the conditions in which men’s soccer players do their job. [The Atlantic]
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