Today In “Actors Cast As Real People”: Woody Harrelson, Kerry Washington, And Lewis Black

Hollywood has gone wild for bio-pics! Variety reports today that none other than Woody Harrelson will star as Lyndon B. Johnson in Rob Reiner’s upcoming movie about the U.S. president. This will mark Reiner’s second directorial foray into American politics (he directed the romantic drama ‘The American President’ in 1995).

Meanwhile, HBO took to Twitter to unveil our first peek at Kerry Washington (“Scandal”) in the upcoming original movie ‘Confirmation’. Washington stars as Anita Hill, the law professor who exploded to the foreground of the culture wars with her 1991 allegations of sexual harassment.

(Perhaps the really exciting news here is that Washington signs off on her Instagrams as “K-Dub.” Now I’ll never be able to refer to her by any other name!)

Wendell Pierce will star opposite Washington as Clarence Thomas, who in 1991 was a nominee for the Supreme Court. (Spoilers! Clarence Thomas totally gets elected!) And Greg Kinnear will costar as Senator (!) Joe Biden.

Finally, comedian Louis Black — my favorite! — has joined the cast of ABC’s dramatic miniseries ‘Madoff’, about the 2009 conviction of financier/con artist Bernie Madoff, THR today reports. (Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison.) Black will costar as real-life financier J. Ezra Merkin, an associate who misallocated funds for Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

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