Madonna’s Upcoming Video Is Basically “Bad Blood” But With Katy Perry

It appears that Madonna has spoken on the Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud by launching an eerily similar music video campaign to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” complete with a slew of celebrity cameos — only she’s including Katy Perry, Swift’s public enemy #1. Actually, who am I kidding, it’s more likely that Madonna doesn’t give a shit about the pair’s drama, and this video is all about doing her. After all, the song is called “Bitch I’m Madonna,” a title I wholeheartedly approve of. According to the extremely Swift-like poster she tweeted, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Beyonce, and, of course, Katy, will appear in the video.


Madonna depresses me these days with her refusal to accept the natural process of gravity and to rock her own demographic instead of trying to cosplay a 19-year-old (Twitter emoji abuse and all), but this video has a solid chance of being amazing, so I am here for it. I’m just unclear on the whole “Bad Blood” SWF vibe — maybe what really happened is that Swift’s people found out that Madonna secretly had this video concept in the works, then snatched her ideas up, made some offers that couldn’t be refused (ahem) and released her video first to make it look like Swift came up with the whole thing. She surely couldn’t let Perry star in a kickass lady-power video before she did. #Illuminati.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be over here in the corner with my tinfoil hat.


[Image via Getty]