Local Man With No Chill Created A Monument To Jon Snow In Brooklyn

Some cool kid with nothing better to do and access to fake snow and a rawhide bone put together a memorial for Jon Snow — a fictional character portrayed by a real man who is still alive — on a street corner in Brooklyn. This memorial happens to be about 2 blocks away from my actual home, and I missed it somehow, because I don’t pay attention when I walk to the train.

This ruined at least one dedicated viewer’s finale experience, as evidenced by the fact my sister came into my room last night after a late showing of “Jurassic World” and said, “I just walked by a Jon Snow memorial by the train, is it true that he is really dead?!”

To my sister, and anyone else who has managed to successfully evade the internet, the radios and any stray ravens bearing the news:  I’m sorry you had to hear about it via a winky memorial in front of the subway station in Williamsburg, which is widely known as the location of the hell mouth.

Flavorwire reports that bearded man Matt Doherty did this. Congratulations.