Donald Trump Thinks Donald Trump Is A “Truly Great” Presidential Candidate

In case you thought the 2016 roster of Republican presidential candidates wasn’t absurd enough already, Donald Trump has just thrown his hat hair in the ring. Even in Chicago I could hear the cheers of joy emanating from Late Night Talk Show writers rooms, as they echoed across the nation.

If you get through the whole video above without spitting out whatever you are drinking, you should probably get a cookie of some kind. It’s hilarious. Particularly the way he keeps referring to himself as someone who is “truly great.” That’s some chutzpah for sure.

In his speech, to a soundtrack that reportedly included a lot of Andrew Lloyd Weber, Trump explained that what this country really needs, is a super rich person to be president. Someone like himself. Or one of the Kardashians, perhaps. At one point he bragged about paying people only $3 to make him a website, while insisting that he would be a great dude to bring jobs to the people.

Really though–does anyone actually like Donald Trump? I can’t really imagine there are a ton of people out there who find him especially likable, like, as a human and celebrity. I would think that one of the few things that would unite most of us as a people would be a fairly universal disdain for Donald Trump.

I mean, certainly there are some people who agree with him on things, or who respect him as a businessman, but I don’t think any of us–with the exception of professional comedy writers–really wants to be listening to him for four years.

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