Beyonce College Course To Debut At A University In Canada This Fall

To all of you Canadians who have been dying to study the Queen of the world, now is your chance.

A course on Queen Bey herself is now being offered by the University of Waterloo in Canada for the Fall 2015 semester.

The actual name of the course is “Gender and Performance” with Beyonce as the main subject. Professor Naila Keleta-Mae who will be teaching the class said of her curriculum:

“I had to take up the work of this performer who is astute, an astute businesswoman, who is articulating a kind of feminism that is fascinating and very much of the 21st century and is definitely a mainstream feminism.”

For those of you thinking the class will just be listening to Flawless all day long, Keleta-Mae ensures that it will not be some “ode” to Beyonce, but will be about studying the pop culture figure’s work more critically.

Sounds good to me! Sign a sister up.