Smash Mouth Singer Goes Berserk After Crowd Throws Loaves Of Bread At Him

Smashmouth frontman/Guy Fieri lookalike Steve Harwell launched into a tirade during a set at the Taste of Fort Collins street festival this weekend when he and the band found themselves being pelted with loaves of bread which had for some reason been given away at the festival.

I guess it’s understandable.  I mean, most people probably do not like being pelted with loaves of bread, and I imagine Steve Harwell has some built up anger and Norma Desmond-esque resentment over actually playing a street festival in Fort Collins in front of a bunch of people who probably don’t remember his band, or worse, do remember his band.

In other news, Smash Mouth is apparently still around, and now I have that awful song stuck in my head and I hate life.