Mall Cop Guns Down Woman Who Filed Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Him

Alexander Kozak, a 22 year-old security guard at the Coral Ridge Mall in Iowa, has been arrested after gunning down and killing 21 year-old Andrea Farrington, who worked at a Children’s Museum in the mall.

According to reports, Farrington had recently filed a sexual harassment claim against Kozak, whom she says had been making unwanted advances toward her for the previous six weeks. By all accounts, Farrington was a bright and lively young girl who had just found her “dream job” working at the museum.

Kozak, who is married and took his wife’s name (her parents do not know his original last name, oddly), is an open carry enthusiast fond of taking trips to Costco armed to the teeth, and with a Facebook page full of pro-Second Amendment memes, and many extremely creepy pictures of knives, nunchucks and other assorted weaponry.


Kozak initially fled the scene, but was later apprehended without incident, and is being held on $10 million bail.