Designer Elie Tahari Sued For Sexual Harassment

Elie Tahari is being sued for $12 million by fashion consultant Marcy Castelgrande, who alleges that he groped her on several occasions and created a sexually charged work environment.

Via NY Daily News:

The persistent harassment culminated in an incident that took place on Dec. 2, 2011, the suit says.

“Mr. Tahari, unlawfully and inappropriately touched Ms. Castelgrande in the area of her private parts while she was modeling a skirt before a public crowd of at least ten people that included her male and female coworkers, professional colleagues and supervisors,” the suit says.

The recently-divorced Tahari “attempted to lift a skirt that Castelgrande was modeling above her panty line,” it adds.

Tahari’s pervy move left Castelgrande “humiliated, embarrassed and shocked,” the suit says.

Ugh, gross. I don’t particularly like Tahari to begin with, and probably only have like, one costume jewelry piece from the ’70s, but if I did buy Tahari, I sure as hell wouldn’t now.

[NY Daily News]