Surprise! Rich Californians Don’t Care About The Drought, Will Use As Much H2O As They Want

Oh look, another example of rich assholes doing what they do best: being rich assholes.

Certainly #notallrichpeople, but for some Californians, the water limitations imposed due to the severe drought in California, have been seriously ignored and balked at.

Take Steve Yuhas of Rancho Santa Fe, California for instance, who says:

“If you can pay for it, you should get your water.”

Maybe this works for Rolex watches, but when it comes to a resource that must be available for all human beings equally according to human rights laws, this argument doesn’t pan out.

Most of the reasons for ignoring the water rationing system are for keeping their pools and sprinkler systems going for their huge lawns.

If the super wealthy keep ignoring state sanctioned water allotments, the districts will actually shut off their taps altogether.

Hey rich idiots – this isn’t just about you, okay?

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