Run Free Little Fellas! 300 Zoo Animals Still Missing In Tbilisi, Georgia

As terrible floods hit Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi this weekend 12 people were killed (by the floods) while hundreds of zoo animals were inadvertently released into the world after their cages opened.

Residents of the city were told to keep indoors while animal catchers struggled to tranquilize the animals in order to bring them back to safety.

However, tragically, many of the escaped animals had to be shot for public safety reasons.

“Some 20 wolves, eight lions, white tigers, tigers, jackals, jaguars have either been shot dead by special forces or are missing. Only three out of our 17 penguins were saved.”

This is horrifying and I am actually praying for these babies to be tranquilized instead of killed.

Can we please stop zoos from existing now? It’s too tragic.

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