Track Your Sex Life With ‘Fit Bits’ For Your Naughty Bits

A lot of technological breakthroughs are happening in the sex toy industry.

Joining the revolution are two new sex tracking wearables that are pretty close to hitting the market.

Two different companies have announced plans to release “sex trackers” which in one instance, attach to your junk to track calories burned from sex as well as your sex frequency.

The first is Spanish smartphone manufacturer Geeksphone which will release a watch-form fitness tracker called ‘Geeksme’ later this year, which will have the ability to record sexual performance along with the other stuff that smart watches do (admittedly I have no idea what smart watches really do).

The other is a sex tracking wearable called the ‘Lovely’ which goes directly on your genitals I guess and is supposed to be for couples.

I don’t really know if I need a sex frequency tracker, pretty sure I can keep track of that myself? But whatever, the calorie thing seems pretty cool. I doubt it tracks the calories I consume immediately after sex because I am one of those ladies who gets seriously starving after a romp in the hay.