Rachel Dolezal, Spokane NAACP Leader, Is Apparently A White Woman Pretending To Be Black

Rachel Dolezal, respected civil rights leader and prominent NAACP member, Africana studies professor and proud “ethnic hair stylist”, is under fire after her parents produced her birth certificate Thursday that proves that she is white. This would be fine except that Rachel Dolezal claims that she is a black woman. What?

Dolezal is an active and very vocal member of Spokane, Washington’s NAACP chapter, and recently applied to serve on the citizen police ombudsman commission. The city of Spokane is now investigating whether or not she lied about her race when she identified herself as an African-American woman on her application, a direct violation of the city’s code of ethics.

She has claimed to be the victim of hate mail, and other forms of harassment, including a noose being left on her front porch, but the legitimacy of these claims are being called into question, as well. From the Spokesman-Review:

Also this week, Spokane police files on Dolezal’s report that she received a hate mail package and other mailing in late February and March were released. Police records say the initial package Dolezal reported receiving did not bear a date stamp or bar code, which Dolezal herself told police when she reported it. Investigators interviewed postal workers, who said it was either very unlikely or impossible that the package could have been processed through the post office, and that the only other alternative was that it had been put there by someone with a key.

However, several other pieces of mail sent in the same handwriting and style, and with the writer identifying himself in the same way as “War Pig (Ret.),” have been received by Dolezal, the Spokane Valley Police Department and The Spokesman-Review. Those other letters were date-stamped and postmarked from Oakland, California.

Here’s Dolezal, being cagey as hell, in an interview with KXLY. Watch as the reporter asks her, point blank, about her race, and then watch her run.

Here’s another fun clip of Dolezal talking about the black power movement and natural hair.

Here are a few choice tweets from Rachel Dolezal.

Here is a picture of Rachel Dolezal that her parents showed the press, next to a picture of Rachel Dolezal today.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.56.59 AM

This story is, for lack of a better word, insane. Dolezal’s parents, Ruthann and Lawrence, spoke to the Coeur d’Alene Press about their daughter, saying “It is very disturbing that she has become so dishonest.” Her father, Lawrence, added, “There is much positive we could share regarding Rachel’s stellar academic and art achievements. We are saddened she has chosen to misrepresent her ethnicity.”