Michigan Will Allow Religious Adoption Agencies To Reject Gay Parents


Scientist grew a boob in a lab! Well, ok, it was not a full boob, but it was breast tissue grown from the specific stem cells that activate breast growth. So far they’ve been studying the ways that breasts grow during adolescence, but in the next few months, the researchers want to introduce mutations to figure out how and why breast cancer develops. [TIME]



Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has passed a religious freedom law that will allow religious adoption agencies to reject same-sex couples as applicants. Gay and lesbian couples are actually already prohibited from adopting children in Michigan, but the Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on same-sex marriage could invalidate that rule. This religious freedom law, conveniently timed, would give religious agencies a way to bypass the Supreme Court ruling and discriminate against gay couples. [Vox]



A New Jersey cop has been accused of displaying his genitals to a series of male drivers during four traffic stops in 2014. Dashboard cams show the officer covering his crotch with his hand while walking back to his patrol car, but the low resolution on the videos makes it difficult to see if he did, indeed, take his penis out and show it to the drivers. After the incidents, he let the drivers go, whether or not they should have been ticketed. So is this another one of those “cops just have it really hard and don’t know how to cope with the stress” things?



The downside to Jurassic World is that the human female characters are two-dimensional ninnies. But the upside is that the velociraptor females kick ass! Here’s a breakdown of why Blue the Velociraptor is the movie’s best character, and why this pretty perfectly demonstrates the problems Hollywood has with writing complex (human) female characters.
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