Happy 20th Birthday, Jagged Little Pill

Twenty years ago, Alanis Morrisette writhed into the national consciousness, with her searing “fuck-you” to Dave Coulier, “You Oughta Know.” This karaoke standard, from “Jagged Little Pill,” is still a perfect encapsulation of what it felt like to be a tween mope in the burbs, laying on your back in your room with the door closed, cry-singing the lyrics to “Head Over Feet” while kicking the front of your dresser in time to the music.

It’s also responsible for teaching a generation the incorrect definition of irony and the importance of letting the CD spin after the last track has ended, just to get to that secret track, which, let’s be honest, gets you every time. The strange peaks and valleys of her voice, that almost-yodel that catches on the edge of notes and hangs in the air, the way she opens her mouth very, very wide to reach all of that emotion — it’s still stirring. Something about her voice will get you in your feelings, whether you want to be there or not.

Read this essay over at Stereogum about the importance of “Jagged Little Pill” and pour one out for Alanis’s career tonight, over a bottle of rosé, because that gets you in your feelings too, admit it. Give a toast to your teenaged self, because it is Friday, and the world makes no sense anymore, and hey, why not.