Virgin Is Extending Its Amazing Maternity-Paternity Leave Policy To American Employees


Virgin Group’s amazing maternity and paternity leave policy is coming to America! Virgin offers its European employees a year of fully paid family leave after four years working with the company, and a year off with 25% pay for employees who’ve worked for Virgin Group for less than four years. With this policy, Virgin will be the most generous American employer as far as paternity leave goes, especially. [ABC]



Read this story from a Mexican assembler, who lost both of her hands while assembling LG televisions in her factory job in Reynosa. Barely anyone has helped her: She received a settlement from the factory equivalent to 75 percent of two years’ wages for both hands, but that only came out to about $14,000 for a woman with children and no viable job options; a lawyer in Texas, where LG is based, told her she should go beg for money on a bridge, and when she finally found a decent lawyer, a judge threw her case out on a technicality.

This is just one of who knows how many stories of foreign laborers who get injured in the process of making American consumer products who can’t find recompense for their injuries. [The Guardian]



Apparently armpit hair is the new feminist vogue, which is great, and I’ll admit that dyed pit hair actually does look pretty cool, but are we really going to debate whether pit hair matters? [The Daily Beast]



There’s a field of study positing that even first-person shooter games are actually beneficial for your brain, despite recent scares about how digital consumption is ruining our brains. Research is showing that they increase cognitive ability, train the player to pick a target out from distractions, and can increase surgeons’ skills in small-scale operations. Guess I’ll have to pick up Call of Duty finally… Actually, no. No, I don’t think I will, anyway. [Motherboard]
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