Finally! A Hobo Bindle You Can Buy On Etsy For $59!

The patched up clothing. The campfires. The rails. The pet rats. The “Will Work For Food” sign. Now you too can capture the “poverty chic” look of the Depression Era transient, just like you always wanted. True story! For only $59.00, on Etsy. Because of course.


Technically, that is not actually a real hobo bindle. A real “hobo” probably could not have afforded a $59 bindle, and the stick bindles that were used were just pieces of cloth tied to sticks.

Now, some might say that it’s a little off-putting to see a fairly wealthy looking lady on her way to Mommy and Me yoga whimsically appropriating an accessory associated with extreme poverty–but those people just aren’t seeing the big picture!

What that is, I couldn’t tell you, but I can bet you that the kind of ladies who would be really into fashion bindles, and offended by us mocking them, would be more than happy to tell us. Probably something about how it’s unfair that only homeless people get to have bindles, or something, right? Or something else about how they get to hungry for dinner at eight, and how they like the theater but never come late, and also never bother with people they hate, all of which makes them a very authentic tramp?

Eh, whatever–let’s all just buy some couture bindles, misinterpret some Woody Guthrie and eat something gluten-free out of a mason jar, for the end is nigh.

[H/T Samantha Irby]