Feast Your Eyes On This Beauty: Laverne Cox On The Cover Of EW’s LGBT Issue

Here is the beautiful and gracious Laverne Cox on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s LGBT issue, dressed as the Statue of Liberty and looking, for lack of a better word, absolutely flawless. In the LGBT issue — which is their first in 15 years, a ludicrous, ridiculous statement, LGBT people have been around for some time now –Cox talks about her position in the industry as an icon and the burden she bears as the sole representation of transgender women in Hollywood.

Most of her time, it seems, is spent politely schooling idiots about her transition, and neatly clapping back at pundits and talking heads who want to know very private things about her body and the way she lives her life.

When CBS This Morning host Gayle King insisted that Cox was “born a boy,” Cox patiently corrected her, noting that she was “assigned” a male gender at birth. When Katie Couric asked about her genitalia, Cox calmly explained that the preoccupation with surgery objectifies transgender people.

Cox is formidable. The way she handled the aforementioned Katie Couric incident was admirable, and it takes a person with nerves of steel to handle all the crap she clearly must encounter. To add an infinite amount of what are surely tiresome questions about Caitlyn Jenner to the burden she already shoulders?

“I just wonder,” she says, “am I allowed to be a human being?”