Homer And Marge Simpson Are Going To Separate Because Of… Narcolepsy?

Yikes: Marge and Homer Simpson are getting a separation after almost three decades of living through the same year over and over and over. But it’s not because of the boredom of being perpetually 34 (or 36 or 38 or whatever it is now), it’s not Homer’s written-in inconsideration: Nope, it’s that they find out that Homer has narcolepsy and it puts a strain on the marriage.


I mean, look, Homer has been a notoriously mediocre-at-best husband and father for 27 years, and while I’m not angry about it or anything, the choice to (seemingly, anyway) put the onus for their separation on Marge for being strained by narcolepsy that has already been a part of their marriage before they were able to put a name to it seems odd. In fact, to say “narcolepsy is the problem in their marriage” is just a tiny bit ableist, no? It certainly relieves Homer of any responsibility for the situation. Oh, and once they’re separated, he falls in love with his pharmacist, voiced by Lena Dunham. So everything’s coming up roses for Homer, I guess. Then again, things coming up roses for Homer has been sort of the core storyline for The Simpsons for just about its entire run, narcolepsy diagnosis aside.

If he were a real person I’d wish him well with his recovery, but he’s not, so instead I’m just going to continue to be bored with the showrunners’ choices. Onward to season 27!


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