Hillary Ahead Of Voldemort In Presidential Popularity Polls, Behind Darth Vader And Terminator

Every family holiday, just as soon as dinner conversation turns to politics, your weird libertarian cousin will invariably make a wisecrack about “choosing from the lesser of two evils.” And that’s when he’ll begin to animatedly lament America’s two-party system, and then your mom will get super uncomfortable and silently eat her peas.

Excited for the 2016 presidential elections yet?

So which presidential candidate is currently leading in the polls, you might wonder? Er… that would be “the Terminator” — presumably the T-1000 model — followed closely by Darth Vader. (By all means, post this link to your weird libertarian cousin’s Facebook wall. He’ll be like “I told you so.”)

These rankings are all according to a totally-scientific political survey, by the way. In May, the Washington Post — in partnership with ABC News — conducted a candidate “popularity poll,” and these, alas, are its results:

Maintaining a slight lead on real-life politicians, yet still just behind “the shark from Jaws“, is fellow real-life politician Bernie Sanders. Marco Rubio is ahead of both President Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are neck-and-neck. (Just today, Real Clear Politics — a polling-data aggregator for politics-junkies — reported on Clinton’s apparent “slide in polls.”)

Meanwhile, Voldemort falls behind Rand Paul and Scott Walker in terms of likeability/humanity, but polls do show that the villain of the Harry Potter series is slightly preferable to either Mike Huckabee or Ted Cruz.

In terms of unpopularity, no fictional villain will ever trump Donald Trump, whose “unlikeability” is triple Rick Santorum’s.

In April, leading the presidential candidates’ “popularity” polls was “weed.”

A year ago, a similar poll discovered that Luke, Han, Yoda, and Darth Vader led the polls, trailed by Clinton, Huckabee, and Rand Paul.

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[Washington Post]