Billy Graham’s Son To Boycott Wells Fargo, Because Lesbians

Franklin Graham, the evangelist son of the evangelist Billy Graham, has decided that he will no longer use the Wells Fargo for banking purposes, or shop at Tiffany’s for his jewelry purposes, because those companies are too nice to the gays.

Graham announced this new plan on Facebook, which considers itself an LGBT-friendly company, as well as the fact that he would be moving his accounts from Wells Fargo to another bank, after having seen a Wells Fargo commercial featuring a lesbian couple. He is also quite upset that Tiffany’s is making wedding rings for gay people.

Have you ever asked yourself–how can we fight the tide of moral decay that is being crammed down our throats by big…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Friday, June 5, 2015

This, by the way, is the ad in question–and I am a little embarrassed to admit that I kind of welled up a little towards the end. Not that I have any great fondness for any banking institution or anything, but it’s a damned heartwarming ad.

Unfortunately for Graham, there aren’t too many major companies left that are not LGBT friendly. What? Is he going to buy everything from Hobby Lobby and Chik-fil-a and that pizza place in Indiana? I mean, go ahead, I’d never tell anyone not to boycott something or to not spend money at a place they don’t want to spend money at, but it’s pretty interesting that he chose two fairly avoidable targets.

Also interesting is the fact that conservatives tend to get furious when we suggest boycotts of places that are crappy to LGBT people. Seriously–every time I have ever posted anything negative about a company that discriminates against gay people, I get a surge of commenters screaming at me about how wrong it is to “try to destroy” someone’s business because I don’t agree with them. Apparently there’s just a double standard there.

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