Kate Moss Called A Pilot A “Basic Bitch” After Being Dragged Off A Plane For Being Drunk

Kate Moss, on some Spraaaaang Break shit, got herself kicked off a plane that was headed back to London from Turkey, after being refused alcohol and causing enough of a disruption to have the pilots call ahead to the police. When she was removed from the flight — for drinking vodka from her own personal stash, and getting into a little disagreement with one of the other passengers — she called the pilot of the plane a “basic bitch,” but disembarked without much further fanfare.

This incident maps neatly onto the image of Kate Moss I hold in my head, based on basically nothing: carrying a personal flask of vodka, because brown liquor never sat right with her, hurling three-year old insults at beleaguered service staff, still clinging to the vestiges of youth. I like it.

According to one passenger, “She was not aggressive to anyone and was funny really, the easyJet crew was acting out of proportion.” No arrests were made in the incident, and it appears everyone escaped unscathed. [Daily Mail]