Cop Put On Leave After Horrific Raid On Black Teen’s Pool Party

Texas Police Officer Eric Casebolt has been put on leave after a horrifying display of police brutality against a group of black teens at a pool party this weekend.

According to Brandon Brooks, a fifteen year-old kid who shot the video of the incident, some white parents were very upset that some black teenagers had come to their community pool in McKinney, Texas for a birthday party. One woman started yelling at the teens to go back to their “Section 8 housing,” and became violent when some other teens at the pool objected to their racist nonsense.

The white parents then called the police. Now, if for some reason you still think that black people are making up this whole police brutality thing, you might want to take a look at this incredibly disturbing video of what happened when they arrived.

In the most frightening part of the video, Officer Casebolt literally sits on the back of a 14 year-old girl as she begs him to stop hurting her. A 14 year-old girl! Who was doing absolutely nothing. Then, when her friend tried to help her, he pulled out a gun on him. A gun! On a kid! At a pool party! The officer who attacked the girl has since been put on leave.

Pool Party Incident:On June 5, 2015 at approximately 7:15 p.m., officers from the McKinney Police Department responded…

Posted by McKinney Police Department on Sunday, June 7, 2015

I think this guy might need a little more than “leave”–he needs to be fired and sued within an inch of his life. Quite frankly, he needs to go to jail. Not only is this beyond horrifying, but Buzzfeed discovered this YouTube account with the same name as his now deleted Twitter account, featuring what he considers to be “police training” videos. The video of the pool party incident was added to this playlist on Saturday.


This man is sick. He is absolutely sick, and unstable, and so is every other officer there who just stood by and let this happen.

One Twitter user pointed out the difference in the way bikers at a massacre in which nine people were murdered 120 miles away in Waco, Texas when compared with these teens at a pool party.

Really? You and your friends can participate in a brawl that results in the death of nine people, and the police treat you decently, but if you’re a black kid at a pool party in a white neighborhood, you get brutalized? This is disgusting, and it’s an incredibly sad reflection of the world today.