Watch The First Promo For Ice-T And Coco’s New Talk Show

Rapper and actor Ice-T and his model wife Coco, who star on VH1’s “Ice Loves Coco,” are among my favorite reality TV couples (Jenny McCarthy and Donny Wahlberg are another), so I’m tentatively psyched about their new talk show. I say tentatively because, really, does the world need another talk show? And also, I can’t quite put my finger on what “Ice & Coco” will actually be about. In the promo above, Ice says it’ll be “real, crazy, funky,” focusing on fun and positivity instead of gossip or whatever. And there will be helping people, too, as Coco says, “I feel like that’s my calling.” Whatever, so long as these two are being adorable together, it has to be better than Kris Jenner’s talk show flop, right?