Trans* People Are Taking Back Beauty Standards With #MyVanityFairCover


The American Institute of Architects voted at their annual national convention last month to approve a resolution called “Equity in Architecture,” which seeks to address gender and racial disparities in the industry. The resolution requests that the AIA develop a program that will assess data about racial and gender disparities, track progress, and design and implement solutions. The resolution passed 4,117 to 231. [Archinect]


Although officials in Pakistan claimed that the 10 men who attempted to assassinate Malala Yousafzai in 2012 were convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison, it turns out eight of them were apparently acquitted. The two men who were convicted were the two who actually shot Yousafzai, and the rest were secretly acquitted because of a lack of evidence. The eight who were acquitted have fled and haven’t been found. [BBC]


If you ever wanted to know why you’re not as ripped as a bonobo even though we evolved from them, apparently the answer is that in order to be able to move away from tree cover and through fields without overheating, humans evolved to have higher body fat makeup, concentrated specifically around our centers of gravity (thighs, buttocks, hips) than our ape ancestors. Yet another reason not to stress about your body fat! [VICE]



In response to the discussion Laverne Cox started on Instagram about Caitlyn Jenner, access, and beauty standards in regards to trans* people, two trans women have made a Vanity Fair cover template that trans* individuals can use to create their own magazine cover as well as the hashtag #MyVanityFairCover. The covers are AMAZING! [Buzzfeed]
[Image via Twitter]