Palins Want To Know Why “Liberal Media” Condemned Josh Duggar, Not Lena Dunham

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before the Palins weighed in on the Josh Duggar story, and here we are. Yesterday, Bristol Palin wrote a disjointed blog post about how the liberal media is being all sorts of judgmental about Josh Duggar, but gave Lena Dunham a pass on having masturbated next to her sister in bed when she was fast asleep, and also removed a bunch of pebbles from said sister’s vagina when she was six or seven years old –a story she recounted in her book “Not That Kind of Girl.”

Sarah Palin herself weighed in with a Facebook rant whining about how what Lena Dunham did was the exact same as what Josh did.


Posted by Sarah Palin on Thursday, June 4, 2015

This whole thing about the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA giving Dunham a pass is not actually true — there were a shit ton of people on the left who were upset about that, actually, and it was a pretty huge deal. However, yeah, no one thinks that what she did is the same thing as what Josh Duggar did.

There is, of course, a perfectly simple explanation for this — Lena Dunham was six when she got anywhere near her sister’s vagina and Josh Duggar was 15 when he touched his five-year-old sister’s vagina. When I was six, I legitimately believed that if I really tried, I could grow up to be Mary Poppins or perhaps a horse. My understanding of sex? Well, I think it was around that age that I told my mom that when I was older, I was only going to have oral sex because I liked talking.

When I was 15, I was smoking, reading Henry Miller and thinking I had a pretty good chance of growing up to be Kathleen Hanna. I was interested in touching cute boys on skateboards who were bad at talking — not my own relatives and certainly not any five year-olds. I can feel very confident in saying that I would be just as horrified by that then as I am by it now.

Granted, I was probably a lot more mature at 15 than Josh Duggar was, given that I was not raised in some weird-ass sheltered cult. Still, I think it is reasonable to say that there is not a 15 year-old on earth who is not a pedophile or a predator who is not repulsed and nauseated by the idea of touching little children, touching girls while they are sleeping, or sexually touching anyone they are related to, period.

I know that the Palins feel that they need to cling to this whole idea of the “liberal media” being out to get them and their kin. I will fully admit that as a member of said liberal media, I cannot fucking stand any of them! And yeah, I’m out to get them, because I think they are awful humans.

However! They might want to note that the “liberal media” has been exactly as harsh in dealing with Jian Ghomeshi, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and many other noted liberals. That any time Sean Penn’s name comes up, someone is going to mention that time he was abusive towards Madonna. I mean, hell–if you don’t think we give our own hell, you might want to google “Patricia Arquette” and “Amanda Palmer.”

Yet! There is literally not a thing on earth that a conservative could do that would make conservatives turn on them. Nothing. Not child molestation, and probably not even murder. Literally every time I think to myself “Well, there is no way they can defend this, this is terrible!” they jump right in and defend it. This is essentially the pot calling the kettle black, when in fact the kettle is red.