Life Dream Status: This “Cat Library” Will Lend You A Kitten For The Workday

Employees of the local government of Doña Ana County in Las Cruces, New Mexico can stop by a “cat library” on their way to their desks and choose a kitty to hang out with them while they work each day. The nearby Animal Care Center of Mesilla Valley is home to many cats who need some extra attention due to special needs like disabilities or a history of abuse, so they bring the cats over to the shelter as a way to ensure they’ll receive a little love during the day and to spread the word about the center.

The library (officially known as the “Kitty Kondo”), tends to hold about five cats at a time and sits in the government employees’ office lobby, reminding the many guests who pass through each day that animals in the community are in need of forever homes. Over 100 cats have placed in permanent homes thanks to the program, with even employees and their families adopting library cats. Call me idealistic, but wouldn’t this be a great project for other workspaces around the country? Animals would have more love and stimulation than they’d get sitting in shelter cages all day, and who wouldn’t be a happier (and thus more productive) employee if they had a kitten in their lap as they worked!? A GIRL CAN DREAM. Learn more about the Animal Care Center or make a donation here.



[Images via Instagram/Reddit]