Dad Bod Erotica Is A Thing Now, Maybe?

Ah, the majesty of Rule 34 of the Internet–if you can imagine it, there is porn of it. However, I am duly impressed with the quick turnaround time of one Lacey Noonan, who has managed to turn out an erotic novel about “Dad bod,” which by my estimations has only been a thing for about a month now, at the most.

The book–available for 99 cents on Kindle, or $7.99 in paperback–is titled Seduced By The Dad Bod and is apparently simply volume one in the Chill Dad Summer Heat Series. Which means there is more dad bod erotica to come! ALSO, it has the best description of any book, ever.

By turns devastatingly erotic and incisive, this first installment of Lacey Noonan’s hot new summery saga will leave you questioning everything in your life.

Amanda is back from college and she’s bored to tears with her hometown and her boyfriend Jacob, who only seems to have eyes for his phone.

Bored to tears, that is, until she catches sight of a body—a body like a big, sweet sack of sugar—emerging from a pool one sunny afternoon. She’s seriously hot and bothered by its very presence. She can’t take her eyes off it—this body of a sexy, soft Adonis. He’s a chill dude who loves life and fun. He swims like a porpoise. He sings ‘90s hits. He plays volleyball with himself. He wants to get wild with water guns (he’s an ace with a Super Soaker). And he’s got a bod that just won’t quit. That’s right: A Dad Bod.

The problem is that the Dad Bod is her boyfriend’s father! Jacob’s dad is the Dad Bod she wants! Uh-oh.

What will Amanda do? Is she ready to take the journey of a lifetime—to jump onboard the Dad Bod Express? Will she ever return? Will she take life by the horns and be seduced into the world of the Dad Bod? Is she cool with what a Dad Bod considers to be consummation? Will summer ever end?

Find out what Amanda and the Dad Bod get up to in this very sexy and stunning story, the first installment in the new sweeping saga by Lacey Noonan: “The Chill Dad Summer Heat Series.”

Frankly, “Seduced by the Dad Bod” will leave you panting for more… more Dad Bod.

Just in time for Father’s Day! Get it for all the Dadbodophiles in your life!

He swims like a porpoise? Swoon! Let’s hope summer never ends!

I’m not gonna lie. Not only do I kind of want to read this–because it sounds super hilarious–I also kind of want Lacey Doonan to be my new best friend. Mostly because she also wrote an erotic novel about the New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski titled A Gronking To Remember, which may be my favorite title of anything, ever, and includes the following warning:

Warning: Contains some sexually graphic scenes as well as the misuse of American footballs that will leave you wet, hard and everything in between. Sports!

Now, I may not be into sports, but I am curious about how one might use a football in a sexual context. I’m not really an erotica reading person (I mean, I’ve read Delta of Venus but was kind of meh on it), but this seems like the sort of thing I could get into, at least for entertainment purposes.


[H/T Lyndsey Kirkham]