Welp, Rick Perry Is Officially Running For President


The Pope contracted an independent commission on child protection to advise the Vatican on child abuse, and now some of those commissioners are breaking the Vatican’s code of public silence on child abuse. Commissioner Paul Saunders, for instance, has called Australian Vatican finance chief George Pell of being “almost sociopathic” and covering up abuse and attempted payoffs. This is, of course, angering various Vatican staff, but the commission is apparently fed up with the Vatican’s slow movement on the issue of child abuse. [Raw Story]


We all knew it was happening, but now it’s official: Allegedly corrupt former Texas governor Rick Perry is announcing that he’ll be running for President in 2016 today. Big sigh. Just a few notes: He supports increasing limits on abortions, he supports mandatory sonograms before abortions, and he thinks pregnant women don’t deserve the right to privacy. [TIME]


Hallelujah! It took FIFTY-SIX YEARS, but Barbie will finally have adjustable ankles, which means that her poor hypertrophied calves and severely injured arches can take a fucking break and just wear flats now. As part of the new “Fashionista” line of dolls, Barbie consumers will be able to get Barbies in a range of skin and hair colors, too. All good steps! As far as her completely unrealistic body frame goes, you know, maybe another day. [Marie Claire]


If you haven’t heard of the Frag Dolls, read this brief history of how the OG women’s competitive gaming team broke stereotypes within the industry about women and gaming, and how they’ve been helping women to transition into careers within the gaming industry for the last 10 years. They’ve disbanded, but they won’t be forgotten. [Motherboard]

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