Taylor Swift Hiked An Entire Trail Backwards To Avoid Paparazzi, Somehow Comes Off As The Crazy One

In an attempt to evade the prying eyes of the paparazzi and her public, Taylor Swift hiked an entire trail backwards, relying only on the guidance of a trusted security guard, who probably felt very tempted to direct her off the edge of a cliff, because lord knows that’s what I would have done. When called out on Tumblr by her fans, she clarified just what the fuck was going on, providing a rare and beautiful glimpse into the travails of life as America’s favorite feminist pop singer.

T-Swi’s craziness is kind of admirable, and I begrudgingly respect her halfhearted attempt at trying to control her image, but I don’t think this is working out the way you planned it, boo. Or is it?? Was your ultimate plan to get MORE publicity for being a victim of, like, In Touch Weekly’s all-seeing Eye of Sauron, thus causing more young girls to buy 1989? If so, you win this round, Swift. [Celebuzz]