Kelly Clarkson Covers “Bitch Better Have My Money” And Does A Really Fantastic Job

I am very wary of anyone taking on the sanctity of “Bitch Better Have My Money,” because in my mind, it is a perfect song sung by a perfect human who does little to no wrong because she doesn’t give a single solitary fuck about what you, your mom or your cousin thinks. However, I will accept contemporary diva and songstress extraordinaire Kelly Clarkson’s BBC Live Lounge version. Watch as she casually works her way through a lounge-y take on Rihanna’s new classic, without giving you any uncomfortable pop-punk realness, like so many of the jokers on YouTube have done.

Must I remind you that Kelly Clarkson is a genius? Do we need to discuss the brilliance that is her entire career, from the early 2000s girl power anthem, “Miss Independent,” to the ultimate kiss-off, “Since U Been Gone”? Are you not convinced that Clarkson touches most things and turns them to shiny, earworm-y, emotional gold? Have you even seen this performance of “Jesus What A Wonderful Child” with Fantasia Barrino? I watch this video once a month, just to keep me on my toes and to remind myself that we walk this earth with creatures that are not of this world. That key change contains multitudes.

I rest my case.

[h/t Vulture]