“Anonymously Ask A Black Person” Is An App That Purports To Break Down Barriers When It Comes To Race

Do you have burning questions that you’ve always wanted to ask black people but are too afraid to do so? Do you have zero black friends, but desperately need the answers to very important questions that only a black person could — and should — answer? Thankfully, now there’s an app for that. As reported by Charles Pulliam-Moore at Fusion, Anonymously Ask A Black Person Anything was created by Wayne Sutton, a black man, built over one weekend and launched the Sunday over Memorial Day Weekend:

“There are certain questions about blackness that rarely come up in casual, polite conversation because they brush up against deeper, more complex ideas about black identity that can be difficult to discuss frankly. Anonymously Ask A Black Person wants people to ask those questions knowing that they’re going to get answers directly from black people.”

Once the project took off, a lot of people thought it was a joke, but Sutton insists that it could actually be a useful tool in “tearing down the intellectual and emotional barriers that continue to divide us down racial lines.” I support the attempt to have an open and honest dialogue about race, and it seems that the anonymity presented by thing lets people drop their guard and ask the questions they really want answered could create some sort of understanding. The amount of racist, horrible shit that Sutton and his team probably have to wade through is less than appealing.  Will this app end racism as we know it? Probably not, but it is at least a first step in generating understanding, sympathy and knowledge.