Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves Wants To Take Sexism Out Of Punk


Colombia has passed a new law classifying physical, sexual, and psychological violence committed against women because of their gender as a hate crime. In Colombia, a woman is the victim of a violent act every 13 minutes, and a woman dies at the hands of her partner once every four days. Under the new law, predators will face up to 50 years in jail. [BBC]



The supply chain for clothing manufacturing is more complex than you’d think, and that complexity often leads to fair labor violations, regardless of the good intentions of retailers. Patagonia, for instance, found that even though they’d worked diligently to ensure fair labor practices at the factories where their products are made, further down the supply chain – in textile mills, for instance – workers were being kept in slavery-level conditions through labor brokers. This is true across most clothing retailers, even if they make a good faith effort to root out worker exploitation. [Atlantic]



We’ve found the fountain of youth! OK, OK, not exactly, but researchers have tested a drug that successfully restores old brain and muscle tissues to youthful levels. It won’t keep humans alive forever, but it is meant to combat diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, allowing humans to die painlessly. [Motherboard]



Meredith Graves of hardcore punk band Perfect Pussy is aiming to reform the scene from its sexist roots by using the venues she’s made for herself – writing, performing, publishing, recording – to promote her own ideals as well as punk musicians who don’t grope women and name their bands horrible things. Check out this interview for more of her greatness. [The Guardian]
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