Jon Stewart Perfectly Skewers Media Coverage Of Caitlyn Jenner, Welcomes Her To Life As A Woman In America

Last night on “The Daily Show”, Jon Stewart took on the media coverage of Caitlyn Jenner’s introduction to the world: supportive ,yes, but also full of insufferable comparisons and the blinding white light of the male gaze.

“We all know the media — they’re awful. And now we’re going to have to listen to lost of people saying awful things about this,” he said, following that statement with a montage of cable news talking heads trying their best to work their head around the fact that Bruce Jenner is now a woman, complete with mangled pronouns and one particularly goofy man who said, “It’s a big moment for media, and it’s a big moment for society.” Really, sir? A person who elected to make their very personal journey public is a big moment for media, and not for the actual woman? Sure.

Stewart rightfully notes that we are now in “phase two” of her transition: “Comparative fuckability.”  Cue some asshole on the radio comparing her to Jessica Lange, and two particularly odious commentators asking “Do you think Caitlyn is hotter than Kris” and, the most important question of all, “Does she have a better body than Kim Kardashian?”

What a world!