Bobby Flay Receives Star On The Walk Of Fame While “Cheater” Banner Flies Overhead

Yesterday, for reasons that escape me, Bobby “Lemme Just Barge Into Your Place Of Business And Insist That I Can Do It Better” Flay was awarded his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I heard that if you want one, you can have one, so Bobby shouldn’t feel so special. Anyway, this is an event I would otherwise ignore, except for the fact that some genius, who clearly deserves a star or at least an Edible Arrangement for this stunt alone, hired a prop plane to circle overhead as Flay spoke to the crowded, a large banner reading CHEATER trailing behind it.

It seems too obvious for that genius to be Flay’s soon-to-be ex-wife Stephanie March, who accused the chef — whose biggest contribution to the culinary world was putting fucking corn IN EVERYTHING — of having an affair with January Jones. The other likely culprit is ME, as I find Bobby Flay unbearably obnoxious. Unfortunately, I just blew $300 on an air conditioner, which I now realize was an epic waste of money that I could have spent on trolling Bobby Flay. Sigh.

So, to whoever is responsible, thank you for having your priorities in order. You most certainly won this throwdown. [Gawker]