Black Family May Get Actual Jail Time For Cheering At Graduation

As if we all didn’t need another reason to firmly dislike school superintendents, some members of a Mississippi family are currently facing actual jail time – complete with $500 bonds – for cheering on their daughter/niece when her name was called at a graduation ceremony.

Jay Foster, the Superintendent of Senatobia High in Senatobia Mississippi, had issued a warning to parents not to cheer or be otherwise exuberant until the end of the ceremony. However, one family couldn’t contain their excitement.

Via WREG News 13:

“My 18-year-old daughter, Lanarcia Walker, graduated from Senatobia High,” Linda Walker said.

The pomp and circumstance did not last long for some Mississippi families.

“He said ‘you did it baby’, waived his towel and went out the door,” Walker explained.

“When she went across the stage I just called her name out. ‘Lakaydra’. Just like that,” Ursula Miller said she shouted about her niece.

Miller and Henry Walker were two of the four people asked to leave Senatobia High School’s graduation ceremony for cheering.

The family was asked to leave, which they say is fair (I say it is somewhat ridiculous, but OK)–but then, a week or two later, they were served with warrants for their arrest, claiming they were “disturbing the peace.”

While most in the community are decrying the arrest as ridiculous, Superintendent Foster is pretty sure he is doing the right thing here, claiming it is necessary to maintain order at graduation ceremonies. Oy.

I mean, sure, if he wants a quiet graduation ceremony, that’s fine. But is this a thing anyone thinks anyone needs to do time for? I’m gonna say no. “What are you in for?” “Armed robbery, you?” “Cheering at my kid’s graduation ceremony.” That doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense.

Shouldn’t we just be happy that anyone is that proud of their kid that they can’t contain themselves? That seems like a thing to celebrate, no? At the very least, it is certainly not anything worth wasting anyone’s time or any taxpayer money on. I think we all have more important things to deal with.

Even if they are not found guilty, they may still have to pay court fees or miss days of work in order to deal with this, which is also ridiculous. If anything, Jay Foster should be charged and fined for making a completely ridiculous report.

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